We are focusing at NINE, while growing daily into new areas

Vocational Training

The program aimed at preparing the young generations for the labor market. We train the chefs, mechanics, hospitality workers of tomorrow providing them a secure mean of revenue-generation.

Education Lobbying

We run a complex program aimed at improving education in general. We focus on lobbying for better teacher trainings and compensations, curriculum development, academic standards and standardized testing, just to name a few.

School Counseling

We have prepared a program aiming to prepare school counselors as vital members of the education team, who would help students in the areas of academic achievement, personal and social development and career development.


This program focuses on the main player of the educational system: the teacher who facilitates learning and the acquisition of knowledge. We aim to assist by organizing various events of knowledge sharing and best practices.

AIDS Prevention

This special program targets the young students of elementary & high schools with proper information, training and various activities focusing on a better understanding of the issue and measures related to its’ prevention.

School Preparation

This is a program which aims to transform the kindergarten environment into a safe space where little children get to acquire the first basic knowledge needed for the upcoming school participation, thus facilitating the transition.

Environment Protection

Out of the great necessity to contribute to the society, we have designed this program focusing on increasing awareness, improving quality of life in general for all beneficiaries, aiming to maintain compliance with environmental laws and regulations, minimizing risk.

Social Issues

Through this program we aim to invest into all beneficiaries’ social and emotional needs as they are closely connected to their personal advancement in the society. We aim to support initiatives aimed at increasing the skills for a better social engagement.

Local & Central government intermediating

We have grouped under the same program umbrella a team of experts with a rich network both in the local and central government, thus placing at the disposal of improving the quality of life for our citizens through their knowledge and experience.



Rural Education

Vocational Training

Train the Teachers

School abandonment and illiteracy Prevention

Education Lobbying

School Democratisation

AIDS Prevention

Preparing children to enter the school

Counselling service
in schools

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About Us

This is WHO we are & WHAT we believe


    We aim to participate and become a part of the transformation process of the Albanian society by transforming EDUCATION as we enhance the potential of students, promote excellence in teaching and inspire innovation


    We believe education changes lives.
    We believe that all children can learn and succeed.
    We believe that effectiveness of the education profession can be improved by investing in the professional development of everyone.
    We believe in leading in education innovations by taking calculated risks.
    We believe an investment in a child’s education is the best investment anyone can make.

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